Friday, January 29

2016: After Mad Men...

...and mid-century modern is STILL alive and well!

Jeez, as early as 2011 there were modern look decriers!

After the Mad Men wrap, style & decor geeks went a little wild trying to be the first to announce that Mid-Century Modern-- THE TREND-- Is Dead.

Or not.  This piece from CURBED last April gets a lot of it right, and why mid-century MODERN (not mid-century Colonial, Mediterranean or the other dozen mash-ups of styles between the 30's and 80's) is a way of feeling: SMART, sleek, sexy, fast-- low-slung if you will and YOUNG-- at heart.

So although this year's style mavens are treading a little more lightly on the "classic" MCM furniture greats (at least) I'd say it's a sure bet that last year's big trends:
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind period pieces
  • Renovations of period pieces (over-painting laminate)
  • Revival innovations
...will continue and expand.

Chrome base white credenza

White over-painting on vintage credenza cabinet

Custom couch from original 50's pattern