Saturday, January 5

Romantic Modern -- FINALLY!

For at least two years I've been working to put together romantic and modern.  This must be the same urge home decorators had in the 50's and 60's when they found the sparse and uncluttered lines of mid-century Danish leaving their homes full of flesh and blood people (not designers) feeling unwelcome somehow.

Why we who live with at least one foot outside the highly vaulted walls of pure aesthetics need the curved and luscious, may be an answer only social scientists or neuropsychologists can answer, but I know I crave something soft and glittering with my clean and elegant; if you're on a budget or your decorator is skiing in St. Moritz this week, somehow you have to find it for yourself!

Today, on the interior goods site Graham & Brown, I found this pairing of Art Nouveau and Mid-century modern and nearly gasped!

Of course for the modernist this makes sense, modern is modern is modern, and Art Nouveau was one of the earliest reductions from decoration, but to see them together-- and in this wonderful combination of wall treatment and furniture-- really, I feel so vindicated.

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