Saturday, December 29


I'm a numbers person.  I like the way they work, one-dimensional and easy to interpret.  I'm also a visual person and numbers are graphic and unadorned.  So from a strictly personal point of view the year 2013 looks nice, but for all the childhood and illogical reasons behind it, the idea of seeing the number "13" a dozen times a day for the next year somehow makes me feel nervous! 

That said, let me add that I'm also a practical person, so I'm rolling out a general New Year's Theme (resolution for handling that scary "13" imbedded) for the Year: BLOCKBUSTER: Use fear and frustration to break up blocks and create a great future!

So from here on every time I stumble over a complication in my day I'm not going to just feel frustrated (or fleetingly worry that somehow the whole year is "doomed").  I'm going to see it as an opportunity to break through whatever habit set me up for the stumble and choose to do things differently RIGHT NOW!

What will this mean for my business and collection decisions?  Personal life and home decor?

Who knows, but at least things will be different and for me, that's ALREADY a great start for the New Year!

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