Friday, October 12

Phoenix Chills

Finally, the heat is over (mostly) and the evenings are fine enough to relax and socialize.  I wait for this twice a year.  A month in spring and now, before the Holidays. It's also a time I start nesting.  Old summer stuff out, new small items to spice up for Halloween festivities and then the Holidays. To that end I've brought in this cute one-armed settee, dark blonde (pecan actually) with a spicy brocade, boomerang-like upholstery. 

Depending on the light, this upholstery shines from tangerine to coral, with raspberry, lemon and grass green details.

I've paired it with the white overpainted Danish arm chair below, and the nubby raspberry brocade on that chair POPS!  So... mix it with Danish, retro or Ikea color!

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