Sunday, June 3

Summer in Phoenix (again)...

The funny thing about summer in Phoenix is that even though there are nice months in between the worst ones -- May through October-- it just feels like it's always summer.

The good news is that TIME passes and with it new things come and old things go.  Things that seem to be REALLY coming are the number of small boutique-like resale, upcycling and other-wise 'retro' outlets on Seventh Avenue.

 I've had the MODERN LIFE collection in Melrose Market Home & Garden (MMH&G) since last April. And for some of you who know it, I have been the unofficial Operations Manager of the store since mid-January.  That has included most of the photography and online marketing.  Fortunately for me the store has flourished under my influence (LOL) and that's been good for all involved. For more info and keeping up on store developments you can Follow or better yet Friend MMH&G on FaceBook from here

Otherwise interesting news is how I've been evolving MODERN LIFE's collection by adding what is otherwise known as 'shabby' or 'chippy' or whatever "chic" that stuff is called, but if course from my own slanted modernist point of view.  I'm also developing my own fabric treatments and lighting. 

I'll admit I thought about and even tried to retire from the collectibles and decorating thing that is MODERN LIFE, but I missed it!  Missed the challenge of finding the interesting item-- hell, the the challenge of expanding a vision without compromising the materials or look! 

Enough of the chit-chat for now... stay tuned for more posts, more pics-- more MODERN LIFE!

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