Sunday, December 30

Grain Edit

Stumbled across this Wordpress blog today. So far looks wonderfully populated with vintage images from the 50's through 70's. Lots of inspiration potential...

Saturday, December 29


I'm a numbers person.  I like the way they work, one-dimensional and easy to interpret.  I'm also a visual person and numbers are graphic and unadorned.  So from a strictly personal point of view the year 2013 looks nice, but for all the childhood and illogical reasons behind it, the idea of seeing the number "13" a dozen times a day for the next year somehow makes me feel nervous! 

That said, let me add that I'm also a practical person, so I'm rolling out a general New Year's Theme (resolution for handling that scary "13" imbedded) for the Year: BLOCKBUSTER: Use fear and frustration to break up blocks and create a great future!

So from here on every time I stumble over a complication in my day I'm not going to just feel frustrated (or fleetingly worry that somehow the whole year is "doomed").  I'm going to see it as an opportunity to break through whatever habit set me up for the stumble and choose to do things differently RIGHT NOW!

What will this mean for my business and collection decisions?  Personal life and home decor?

Who knows, but at least things will be different and for me, that's ALREADY a great start for the New Year!

Saturday, December 22

Holiday 2012!

I love the Holidays!  Sparkly, upbeat and musical!  I catch as many smarmy Life-Timey TV and old-school movies as I can, because once January rolls in the sparkly magic just seems to roll out...

Now be forewarned, this post has NOTHING to do with mid-century modern furniture at all.  In fact, Holiday decorating around mid-mod decor can be a bit jarring if you're at all inspired by sentimentalism!  Seriously, does the photo below (courtesy Pilver) give you the warm and fuzzies?  Do YOU smell gingerbread and cinnamon in the air? 

No?  Well not me anyway (however had there been SNOW outside a low ranch-house window, and some nice soft plastic holly wrapped around a chunky short candle, then maybe-- ho, ho, ho)!

Anyway, let me add this pic of the only MIB mid-mod Xmas decor I've ever owned AND that could get me the warm and fuzzies...

except I don't think I'll EVER open the box!  When will I see another pristine white bottle brush tree again?!

Now THESE ornaments are my love... and they're not shrink-wrapped!

The color, the patina, the delicacy and lighter-than-air weight!  These beauties make my heart sing!

I guess the good news is that you can have a wonderful Charlie Brown-style Noble pine OR 6' Pom-Pom aluminum tree and still put old-school sentimental hand-blown ornaments on, or a white 60's bottle-brush tree under, either one!

So is that another joy of Christmas?  The happiness it brings can be so expansive that at least two uncomplimentary styles can cohabit in the same location?

Imagine how dangerous this Holiday's potential for melding differences could be if it ever lasted past New Year's...?

Have a Very Merry Christmas & a Blessed Passover Season! 

Friday, October 12

Phoenix Chills

Finally, the heat is over (mostly) and the evenings are fine enough to relax and socialize.  I wait for this twice a year.  A month in spring and now, before the Holidays. It's also a time I start nesting.  Old summer stuff out, new small items to spice up for Halloween festivities and then the Holidays. To that end I've brought in this cute one-armed settee, dark blonde (pecan actually) with a spicy brocade, boomerang-like upholstery. 

Depending on the light, this upholstery shines from tangerine to coral, with raspberry, lemon and grass green details.

I've paired it with the white overpainted Danish arm chair below, and the nubby raspberry brocade on that chair POPS!  So... mix it with Danish, retro or Ikea color!

Friday, September 14

MODERN LIFE at Modern On Melrose!

Maybe I should say MODERN LIFE co-creates Modern On Melrose?! Happily for myself and Kevin Lanctot, owner of the Le Temps Passe collection at the now-defunct Melrose Market, the lease at that location-- 4610 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ, 602-264-4183-- came up for new ownership and we jumped at the opportunity!
Kevin and I have a combined 30 years in the retail and/or collectibles market and are having a riot filling the place with mid-mod, industrial, Americana and eclectica! The entire store collection including select dealer boutiques are highly curated. Decorators and customers old and new LOVE our selections, quality and FAIR pricing! You can follow Modern On Melrose on an increasing number of social networking sites or review M.O.M. on your favorite search engine. Better yet when you're in the area, come and visit! Oh and yes, I WILL continue blogging!

Sunday, June 3

Dream Book Design: DIY Metal Basket Light

I REALLY like creative lighting.  Lighting changes everything and is one of the final details in every environment that puts the period (pun intended) on a look.  Most of you already fashion DIY lighting, but I like the folks at DD's ideas, want to plug their blog and even more, think their very clean explanation of how to create a simple lamp wiring is elegant... just in case you're looking for a good example to pass along: Dream Book Design: DIY Metal Basket Light

Summer in Phoenix (again)...

The funny thing about summer in Phoenix is that even though there are nice months in between the worst ones -- May through October-- it just feels like it's always summer.

The good news is that TIME passes and with it new things come and old things go.  Things that seem to be REALLY coming are the number of small boutique-like resale, upcycling and other-wise 'retro' outlets on Seventh Avenue.

 I've had the MODERN LIFE collection in Melrose Market Home & Garden (MMH&G) since last April. And for some of you who know it, I have been the unofficial Operations Manager of the store since mid-January.  That has included most of the photography and online marketing.  Fortunately for me the store has flourished under my influence (LOL) and that's been good for all involved. For more info and keeping up on store developments you can Follow or better yet Friend MMH&G on FaceBook from here

Otherwise interesting news is how I've been evolving MODERN LIFE's collection by adding what is otherwise known as 'shabby' or 'chippy' or whatever "chic" that stuff is called, but if course from my own slanted modernist point of view.  I'm also developing my own fabric treatments and lighting. 

I'll admit I thought about and even tried to retire from the collectibles and decorating thing that is MODERN LIFE, but I missed it!  Missed the challenge of finding the interesting item-- hell, the the challenge of expanding a vision without compromising the materials or look! 

Enough of the chit-chat for now... stay tuned for more posts, more pics-- more MODERN LIFE!