Sunday, June 19

MODERN LIFE at MODERN ON MELROSE (was Melrose Market), 7th Avenue.

UPDATE 2013: MODERN ON MELROSE!  In August 2012, Melrose Market closed.  I and dealer Kevin Lanctot took the lease at 4610 N. 7th Avenue and opened MODERN ON MELROSE and my great booth evolved into a great store!  Wheeeeeee!!!  Come and see what happens when creative and energetic mid-modern dealers rule!

I get around.

Last year in April I found a home with Modern Manor. A wonderful cool mid-century space, but by July owner Ryan Durkin and I parted ways over design differences; his editing is toward Danish design and mine toward modern design principles and modernism in general.

Fortunately for me this spring a new resale 'mall' popped up in a commercial space two buildings to the north and a simple one-minute sashay from Modern Manor toward Seventh Avenue. Once there you are at the backyard and parking entrance to MELROSE MARKET!

Owner Allen Parker is all about finding dealers into eclectic-- toward the modern, industrial (including chippy chic) and world market themes-- so it's quickly developing into one of THE hippest spots on the street. Clean, air-conditioned, organized and well-lit with a very wide variety of furniture and home accessories, I'm finding myself way comfy at MELROSE MARKET-- and way appreciated as well-- yoo-hoo!

NOTE: Keep an eye on Craig's List Phoenix for my item updates to catch the best stuff early!

And BTW, thanks to Dream Book Design for noting my inclusion at Melrose Market, including a pic of a metal cubby (now gone, alas)!

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