Tuesday, April 5

Dream Book Design

As you know I adore DIY and myself tend to choose the more rough and tumbled look of metal, rust and concrete -- everything urban-- and generally shy away from what I satirically term the Etsy-Ate-Anthropology look; just too twirlygirl, if you know what I mean.

Recently though I came across a home decor site, Dream Book Design, that while influenced by the Euro-world Anthropology look and Apartment Therapy layout, manages a very specific point of view (so far).

Maybe it's Jeremy's influence, maybe not, but there's a weight to the collections and layouts they choose to post that gives the site just enough, uhm-- testosterone?-- to keep it grounded.

For example, their idea to turn a card catalog into a buffet (the after shot is their website heading image) is not only genius in concept but execution. Even I would have to have it (were I living in my dream home of an urban 3000 s.f. loft)!

Maybe you can score a far smaller catalog and build yourself a TV credenza or side tables-- who knows --and though I won't be building any of their current projects myself, I do wish them great luck and look forward to "the Lentines" inventing more large DIY projects and expanding their site.

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