Sunday, March 27

HACKED: IKEA Frosta hack -- something you should know!

As you know, I ADORE all things DIY and not that you haven't already read it, but Apartment Therapy has a list on their current Weekend Inspiration page of ten projects for bedroom, kitchen and seating.

My personal favorite is How to Hack an IKEA Frosta Stool, so it can look more like the original Alvar Aalto original (60). Well, Aalto DID make a four-legged stool (60E) -- basically the Frosta stool-- just so you know.

One caveat with the AP hack is that it suggests one version can be made by adding a 1" round of glass to the top. Good luck with that, as buying a piece of glass that size will run you ten times the cost of the chair and the weight will be crazy heavy!

I'd suggest using a 3/8" to 1/2" round large enough to turn your stool, hacked or otherwise, into a useful sidetable. That means the glass should be about six to eight inches more in diameter than your stool top, so you have an extra three to four inches overhang on all sides.

You can easily find yardsale glasstop tables so ugly they're almost giving them away. Grab one with a 3/8" or better thickness piece and make sure before you haul it off that the glass has polished edges, meaning it's smooth to the touch. WARNING: unfinished or raw edges will easily slice your finger, so be careful testing the edge!

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