Friday, August 27



Punkmodern or punkmodern. The combination of edgy discordant industrial, distressed and generally modernist odds-n-ends slamming together at an interior near you! A look less about pricey collectibles and more about recovering, upcycling and reinventing the incredible wealth of distressed modernism over-flowing around us!

Definitely a matter of individual detail and "hand" but always containing recognizable elements:
  • minimalist-- too much is STILL too much-- the punch is in the piece, not quantity
  • distressed and/or raw materials-- especially rust and steel, stone and brute construction
  • no material is too 'low' (formica, laminate and plastic welcome) and lots of redo's and DIY!
  • feel trumps finish-- don't confuse subtlety with being timid-- err on the side of impact
Weren't you ready for another design category anyway? I was!

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