Saturday, April 17

Fish Scales Coming to an Object Near You?

Caught this item on a random blog search: Trend: Fish Scales.


The first thought that comes to my mind is the honored axiom, "Question (presumed) Authority". The second is remembering watching with disgust as garment rag Women's Wear Daily pushed Seattle street grunge into the hands of high-dollar manufacturers!

I know it's utterly impossible to convince some young modernists, who've comfortably absorbed commercialism into their playpens through warm and fuzzy media toys, to heed warnings about Big Industry's ability to suck out their brains, but really, are design/decor trends (and buyers) still so easily manipulated? The modern period so many admire was also about avoiding commercial vacuousness, not just adding the other fish part (fins) to Cadillacs!

Real fish scales.

Endangered fish scales.

I'm just saying that modernism MUST include the design of responsibity to be elegant in the truest sense of the word. And having a trend communicated to us via media flash-cards is not a kindly heads-up from pattern watchers but a conveyance from industry trend setters who understand that the way to find new sales is to suggest something like FISH SCALES!

If you must have a trend, find one yourself. And then let me know about it.

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