Friday, December 18

Just a reminder-- Phoenix Envy!

I came across this pre-light rail (2008) article in Dwell today: Phoenix Envy, and wanted to share it with you.


Well, in just a few paragraphs, grand modern architect Will Bruder identifies the highlights of his choosing in Phoenix from architecture to cuisine. Now, I can strongly suggest this article omits more than it includes and is highly edited (nobody talks in fluid cogent article-ready conversation!) BUT, that being said, I think the included list of places and things to do and see is a great start. I was especially glad to see Cosanti pointed out as a key spot. Additionally the article online includes a slide show of very good quality and you know how I love photography.

So you say you already know these things? Alrighty then-- add some of your own with your comments, or new links! And yes, I will publish photos too!

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