Sunday, November 1

UPHOLSTERING PRIMER --You Want to Read This!

You know all about The Find! That cast-off mid-century chair in the dumpster or alley you Find! And it ALWAYS needs some cushions or a whole makeover. Sometimes you can DIY, but sometimes not. In the not category you can find yourself with a great Find that ends up Found-- by someone else after you toss it back in the alley!!

Here is my Find for today: From RE-NEST, a great 4-part article on thinking through professional upholstering BEFORE you commit...
  1. An Upholstering Primer: Part 1 of 4 — Consider Your Furniture: Guest Post from Matthew Haly of The Furniture Joint

  2. Finding a Good Upholstery Atelier

  3. The Truth About Green Upholstery

  4. All About Fabric

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