Sunday, October 18


Phoenix is FAMOUS among modern collectors for its utter riches. Who knows why? Maybe it was the eventual accessibility of air-conditioning-- maybe not-- but in post WWII America, development for Arizona went ON the map!

Today, tract home neighborhoods of predominantly ranch-modern 'estates' are hitting the market and we are AWASH in a veritable Gold Rush of modern goodies, and week-ends are the time for modernists and modernistas to go panning for some of that gold themselves.

Although record-setting hot, Antique Trover's like myself were out for the store's first parking lot sale. The two beauties here were available from fellow Trover Marc Levell (booth #232) and are just two examples of what YOU could have snagged. For example, the bamboo chest was just $5.00...

SHAMELESS PLUG: Okay. Sign up for the MODERN LIFE ONLINE Update newsletter, and next time you will be there-- and with a special discount coupon for added $$'s-off in yours-truly's booth (MODERN LIFE #4941).

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